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Phone Remote Control is a true universal remote control
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Control your PC through your cellphone? Is it possible? The answer is definitely "yes, it is". Phone Remote Control, as its name suggests, will let you operate your PC from your cellphone. You will be able to play your favorite MP3 files, control volume, play, stop, rewind, forward, toggle shuffle/repeat, etc., initiate Windows Media Player to watch a movie, open a document using a file browser, etc. With Phone Remote Control, you will be in total control of your PC through your cellphone literally.

The application has an easy-to-use tabbed interface, where you will be able to add your favorite applications by drag-and-dropping them, or just pressing the button "New" which will let you select what type of application you want to add. This could be: Key Map, VB Script, Java Script, Group and OpenFile Action.

An important feature is that you will be able to connect your cellphone to your PC through Bluetooth or WiFi connections. When installing the phone client, you will be able to select the type of connection to your cellphone, Bluetooth and WiFi, or only through Bluetooth. If your cellphone is out of range, the application is able to carry out some events like lock your PC, start your screen saver, pause iTunes or WinAMP if they are playing your favorite music files.

The most recent version of Phone Remote Control is 5.1, but the review and screenshots apply to version 5.0

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  • Easy to use and configure on PC and cellphone
  • WiFi and Bluetooth support


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